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Untangle Linux Gateway

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I have been looking around lately at all the old hardware I have lying around and thought what could I do with it all? Media center? Web server? Hardware Firewall perhaps? Then I came across Untangle Linux Gateway and thought why not give this a try!!  Next thought was why install on the old hardware and increase my energy costs when I can install it on Virtualbox on my main Linux server instead? So I have installed Untangle Linux Firewall on Virtualbox running on a Debian 7.0 File and Print Server and below will outline how I did it.

My network looks like this:

Internet – Wireless Router – Untangle Linux Gateway – Debian 7.0 file and print server – Various Virtual machines.

I have left the wireless router outside the main network as I am only concerned with protecting my main server and virtual machines.  I will still have firewalls on any wireless clients.

First thing is to get a copy of Untangle Linux Gateway and the best place is here.  Once you have it fire up Virtualbox and add a new virtual machine.  Remember you need the following requirements during set up:

1. Create a fixed sized disk of at least 20Gb.  If you allocate a dynamic disk the installation will fail.

2.  Allocate at least 512Mb of RAM.  I allocated 1024Mb and it runs fine.

3.  Make sure you allocate 2 NIC’s for your virtual machine and set both to bridged adapter so Untangle can talk to the rest of your network.

Mount your iso in the virtual cd drive and fire up the virtual machine and then follow installation instructions.  Make sure that you set the following during installation:

When asked set the external adapter to DHCP (unless you have got a static ip address from your ISP) and verify your internet connection.  Make sure that the DNS server and gateway are on the same subnet as your host machine.  For example mine looked like this:

ip address

default gateway

dns server

*My home server is on*

Your internal adapter should be set as bridge and bridge to external.  This will allow you to use your 1 physical adapter as two virtual ones.

Once installed (it does take a while) you will be asked to upgrade your Untangle system prior to installing any Apps.  Do this as it is always important to have an up to date system.  Next download the Lite package on the rack.  This will install all the open source packages you require and personally unless you are a medium to large business all you will ever need. Once installed test your connectivity from other machines on the network and also check how secure your network is by going to ShieldsUp and using their online firewall scanner to test your firewall.

As for all the old hardware? Suggestions here please to the usual address!!

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  1. Definitely going to try this. I take it the steps are generally the same to set up on an old computer I have lying around?

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