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How to set up a print server on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using Samba

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Today I will show you how to set up a print server on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using Samba. Samba is really good for sharing files and folders but it can also be used to share printers very easily too.  This tutorial will work on both the desktop and server variants.

First thing is to install the packages we need – Samba and smbfs. So open up a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install samba

Type your root password when prompted.  Then install smbfs by typing:

sudo apt-get install smbfs

and then type your root password again.

We now have to configure the smb.conf file which contains all the samba settings. In a terminal type:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Locate the line WORKROUP = WORKGROUP and change it to the name of your network.  So for instance mine would be changed to WORKGROUP = Ubuntu_home.

Save the file and exit.

We now need to restart the samba service so in a terminal type:

sudo service smbd restart

Now we have to check the configuration so far.  In a terminal type:


If everything is configured correctly then you shouldn’t receive any error messages and your server is ready to go.

Linux Clients

Install samba and smbfs either using the package manager or the terminal.  We need to edit the Workgroup field in smb.conf to the name of your network (e.g Ubuntu_home). Restart the samba service and install your printer.

Windows Clients

We have to change the workgroup to Ubuntu_home and then add your printer.

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Hi I am Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Windows and Linux based IT Support, laptop repairs and computer repairs to both business and personal clients in and around Stirling.

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4 thoughts on “How to set up a print server on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using Samba

  1. Ctrl + Alt + X to exit. Gives you the option to save.

    Try ‘sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf’ if you want to edit in the normal text editor outside the terminal.

    Restart the samba service by typing ‘sudo restart smbd && sudo restart nmbd’ if the example in the article does not work.

  2. To save after you have edited a file you want to hit esc then type :wq to save and quit or just :q to save changes, you want to type with the colon.

  3. Ronnie open up a terminal and type ‘sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf’ and locate the Workgroup parameter. Change this to your specific workgroup name and then save. Restart the system.

  4. To: Chris,
    Date: 6/4/2012
    Hello Chris, my name is Ronnie. I have a question to ask about the following web document over “How to set up a print server on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using Samba”. My simple question for you is, how do you save the changed data in the terminal for changing the name from work group. I changed it, but I am unware of how to save in the terminal for saving the changes. There was not a in depth or picture of how to do this. Thanks for the response back. I do apperciate the help.

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