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How to configure startup programs in Lubuntu 12.04

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Recently I have changed my main system over to Lubuntu as it doesn’t require much system resources which leaves more for my virtual machines.  I needed to configure some programs at startup and below I will show you how to do it.

First thing to check is what is the full name of your application so open up a terminal and type:

cd /usr/share/applications

followed by:


You should get output similar to the following.


comtech@Comtech-Server:/usr/share/applications$ ls
abiword.desktop mtpaint.desktop
apport-gtk-mime.desktop nm-applet.desktop
audacious.desktop nm-connection-editor.desktop
blueman-manager.desktop notification-daemon.desktop
chromium-browser.desktop obconf.desktop
defaults.list openbox.desktop
evince.desktop osmo.desktop
file-roller.desktop palimpsest.desktop
galculator.desktop pcmanfm.desktop
gcr-viewer.desktop penguin-canfield.desktop
gdebi.desktop penguin-freecell.desktop
gimp.desktop penguin-golf.desktop
gksu.desktop penguin-mastermind.desktop
gnome-keyring-prompt.desktop penguin-merlin.desktop
gnome-mplayer.desktop penguin-minesweeper.desktop
gnumeric.desktop penguin-pegged.desktop
gparted.desktop penguin-solitaire.desktop
gpicview.desktop penguin-spider.desktop
gucharmap.desktop penguin-taipei.desktop
guvcview.desktop penguin-taipei-editor.desktop
hardinfo.desktop penguin-thornq.desktop
hplip.desktop pidgin.desktop
ibus.desktop python2.7.desktop
ibus-setup.desktop screensavers
im-switch.desktop shares.desktop
jockey-gtk.desktop simple-scan.desktop
language-selector.desktop software-properties-gtk.desktop
leafpad.desktop sylpheed.desktop
libfm-pref-apps.desktop synaptic.desktop
lubuntu-logout.desktop synaptic-kde.desktop
lubuntu-screenlock.desktop system-config-printer.desktop
lubuntu-software-center.desktop teamviewer-teamviewer7.desktop
lxappearance.desktop time.desktop
lxde-x-terminal-emulator.desktop transmission-gtk.desktop
lxde-x-www-browser.desktop update-manager.desktop
lxinput.desktop users.desktop
lxkeymap.desktop virtualbox.desktop
lxrandr.desktop xfburn.desktop
lxsession-edit.desktop xfce4-power-manager-settings.desktop
lxtask.desktop xpad.desktop
lxterminal.desktop xsane.desktop
mimeinfo.cache xscreensaver-properties.desktop


For the purpose of this tutorial I will run leafpad at startup.

Next type:

sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart

and add @leafpad to the end of the file.  Save the file and exit.

Next time you reboot the system leafpad will startup.

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