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A day in the life of my Blackberry Playbook

ComTech: IT Support Stirling

As regular readers of this blog would know – I love my Blackberry Playbook.  Yes it has its quirks, the same as everything else, but it complements my other gadgets for getting my daily work done.  Today I will take you through a typical day and show you how it does.

General Web Browsing

Up at 7 and put the kettle on.  Then switch on Playbook to check out the BBC News website while not fully awake.  Eat cereals while generally swiping through the news.  This is the bread of butter of the Playbook experience – browsing on the Playbook is the same visually as browsing on a desktop (no mobile browser here).  It is effortless to swipe through the pages and generally a pleasure to use.

Taking notes when with clients

I used to carry a notepad and pen to jot down notes when I was with clients.  Now I take the Playbook and fire up DocsToGo and just type instead.  This allows me to store the information and then retrieve it later when back in the office and making up invoices.  Yes I could use specific note taking apps but I have never seen the need to.  Looks professional too!!

Business Networking

You are business networking with someone when they ask what exactly do you do?  After the usual spiel I then show them the website through the Playbook where they see my qualifications and testimonials (amongst other things).  Because of the 7″ size it fits in my pocket during these meetings and can be pulled out when required.

Updating my social media

Everyday I am tweeting, blogging or facebooking.  The Playbook allows me to post from anywhere (yes I could do it on a smartphone but the Playbook screen is bigger!!) so I am not restricted to the office.  I have ordered a new bluetooth keyboard (hopefully arrives soon) and coupled with the new bluetooth mouse I should now be quicker typing and therefore more productive (at the moment I am much quicker on a PC).

Accessing my blog

I have an awful memory (just ask my wife) so I write things down to remember them and this was the basis of starting my blog.  I learn something new and write down the steps in a blog which allows me to access them at a later date.  Using the Playbook I can be reading the steps from the blog in one hand while typing the commands on a clients laptop / PC using the other.  This has been an invaluable asset multiple times.  Couple this with the ability to use the internet connection form my Blackberry smartphone and I can then access my blog from anywhere using 3G.

Accessing my files

Through the Playbook I am able to access all my work files through Dropbox.  This allows me to find the customer address or telephone number that I require.  Priceless!!


Someone rings up for a quote for repairs and asks when I am available to take a look at their laptop.  One problem – my calender is on my phone.  With the Playboook I can use Blackberry Bridge which allows me to view my emails and calender, which are stored on my Blackberry smartphone, on my Playbook over bluetooth.  So I am able to check my calender on the Playbook whilst on the phone to the customer. Nice feature!!

So there you have it.  The Blackberry Playbook has become an integral part of my business and yes I could have bought an iPad but they they are bigger and more expensive.  The Playbook does just fine and for the times it can’t do the job I still have my trusty Asus Eeepc 701!!!

About the Author

Hi I am Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Windows and Linux based IT Support, laptop repairs and computer repairs to both business and personal clients in and around Stirling.

For a list of what I can offer you why not visit my website where you will find a list of my services, testimonials, blog and much more.




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