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Is Windows 8 really that bad?

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The dust has settled and Windows 8 has now been with us a while so I thought I would share some of my thoughts regarding Microsofts newest (and best?) offering.

When Windows 8 first arrived I was one of the many people who hated the new interface.  I thought it was overly complicated and so completely different that the average user would find it very difficult.  To use the interface effectively you need to remember that to access anything move the mouse to the top right hand corner of the screen or alternatively use the Windows key to return to the Start screen.  After using it for a while you do get used to it however it is still so completely different from previous versions that a lot of people still hate it.  People just don’t like change.

The lack of the Start button was another issue I didn’t like.  Again after using Windows 8 for a while I will be honest and say I don’t really miss it.  If you pin your most frequently used programs to the ‘Metro’ interface you will have access to them the minute Windows 8 starts.  As for the ‘traditional’ desktop I can say that I am using it less and less due to the fact that any installed programs are automatically attached to the Start screen meaning that I don’t have to go looking for them.  If your programs are attached to the Start screen then what is the point of the desktop? In my opinion Windows 8 doesn’t really need it.

One big plus I only found out this week is that you don’t need to install antivirus onto Windows 8 as it already comes with some installed in the form of Windows Defender.  I didn’t really see the point of Windows Defender in previous versions of Windows as I felt it just got in the way and caused more hassle than it was worth.  In Windows 8 it has the same functionality as Microsoft Security Essentials and seeing Security Essentials is a very good product to start with then surely this is a bonus.

The boot time for Windows 8 is another big plus.  It is very fast at startup and this is very welcome.

I haven’t really begun to explore the inner workings of Windows 8 yet.  For the most part under the hood it is still Windows 7 (Control panel, Computer, Device Manager etc) but the way you access the different menus is completely different.

The big question is would I advise a client to upgrade to Windows 8 or not?

Upgrade to Windows 8 – no.  I am a firm believer that if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it and Windows 7 is definitely not broke.  It is still a really good operating system so if you have it on your system my advice would be keep using it.

What about buying a new system?  This is tricky.  At the moment it is becoming more difficult to buy a system with Windows 7 on it.  I have a lot of clients who use XP and like it because in their eyes it is what they are used too.  A lot of these would find it very difficult to transfer over to Windows 8 without a lot of training so to these I would recommend Windows 7.  As for the rest I would say try Windows 8 but explain to them that the interface is completely different and to approach it with an open mind.  Windows 8 is different but it will grow on you.

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