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Will Windows 8 be the last of the ‘traditional’ operating systems?

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As always it starts with a comment and this time it was “I hate Windows 8 it is ****!!”. “Here we go again a client who hates Windows 8” I thought to myself.

The client had bought a new laptop for his business and naturally it came with Windows 8 (you can still get Windows 7 but it is becoming harder) and he was not happy.  This particular client had been on XP for ever and doesn’t like change at all.  Trying to explain to him that Microsoft is trying to have one operating system on all devices whilst also trying to get customers to move into the cloud was like trying to pull teeth from a crocodile.  It wasn’t going to happen!!

To me Windows 8 is a transitional operating system.  Tablets by design are consumption devices and consumers at the moment love them. Microsoft are trying to tap into this market by offering a device that consumers want (ie tablet) but also a device which allows them to actually do some work on and the best way to achieve this on a tablet is to offer work based apps like Office 365.  Windows 8 is designed with this in mind as it can run ‘Metro’ apps just as comfortably as it can with traditional software.

Windows 8 is also trying to stay true to its roots and run local applications on laptops and PC’s as not everyone is willing to give up their software just yet, but how much longer will this happen? Windows 7 and its predecessors were all about running applications like Microsoft Office on your local system. Future operating systems will be all about accessing applications in the cloud and Windows 8 is the transition in the middle.

Whether this is a good thing for everyone is debatable as without sufficient broadband speeds consumers, and businesses alike, would struggle to access online applications.  I guess only time will tell.

So over to you. Will Windows 8 be the last of the ‘traditional’ operating systems?

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One thought on “Will Windows 8 be the last of the ‘traditional’ operating systems?

  1. If Windows 8.1 doesn’t take off like Windows 7 did, it will probably be the last operating system for a while that attempts to merge the mobile and desktop worlds. If it does take off and MS can get Windows Phone 8.1 to match Windows 8.1 at the API level the merger of mobile and desktop operating systems will continue.

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