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Is Windows XP dead? Not by a long shot!!

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April 8th 2014. Put that date in your diary as it is the date all support for Windows XP ends. You must be thinking “so what consumers and businesses will have upgraded to either Windows 7 or 8 by then surely”. Or will they?

Current statistics show that Windows XP is currently the second most used operating system on the planet with 37.17% share. Yes its share is dropping month on month but at the current rate it could still be the second or third most used operating system when support ends next year (depends on if Windows 8 finally starts making inroads). So why is that?

In most peoples minds XP “just works”.  They have become so used to it that they don’t want to upgrade unless their hardware dies and they have no choice.  I regularly see PC’s with XP installed which are 6-8 years old which the customer would rather clean up and keep working rather than upgrade to a new one and lose XP.

In the business environment things are much different.  Here applications have been written specifically for XP and businesses are very loathe to upgrade and possibly lose them.  At present Windows 8 is no goer for a lot of businesses so Windows 7 is their only upgrade option.  Even though they have an upgrade option a lot of businesses will still turn to running Windows XP inside virtual machines just to keep their old software running.

A lot of this problem is down to Microsoft themselves.  When Vista turned out to be a complete disaster they extended Windows XP’s lifecycle to counteract the possibly of consumers and businesses turning to OS X and Linux. It worked but it also had the side effect of making people reluctant to upgrade when Windows 7 came out.  If Microsoft has any sense it wont make them same mistake with Windows 8 (even if it turns out to be a dog like Vista).

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One thought on “Is Windows XP dead? Not by a long shot!!

  1. We are VAR’s operating in New York City. A substantial number of our clients have not yet upgraded. Some feel very little pressue, XP to them is so stable and known, that even with no official support from Microsoft, they will stick with it until they are motivated to upgrade.

    I think money is a motivating factor. The recent economic crisis, showed people what could happen. Businesses are much more reluctant to spend money now. The resulting attitude is, “it can wait, our PC’s are fine”.

    On the other hand many of our clients have upgraded to Windows 7 within the past year. We see virtually no interest in Windows 8 at this time.

    I believe that all of this will work itself out in time. IT is changing, tablets are becoming a platform of choice for some. touchscreens are slowly becoming the norm. As this process continues to evolve the OS issues will work themselves out. Movement is obviously in the direction of easier, smaller, more powerful, etc. .

    Ten years from now a lot of things we can’t quite forsee now will be routinely adopted by the marketplace.

    Other clients are

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