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The Human Element

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8.15am Tuesday the 8th October and I am sitting in the car on the M80 between Glasgow and Stirling with the engine off.  There has been an accident about 2 miles up ahead involving two cars and police are in attendance.  We are going absolutely no where.  Now I may be doing the drivers a disservice here but I am guessing that someone has either been too close or not checked before moving lane and that is what has caused the accident and stopped a lot of people going about their daily lives (in my case fix a dodgy server).

Now this is what analysts call the human element.  We can manufacturer almost anything (lets take the car) with very high tolerances but most devices still require input from a human and by nature we are not perfect.  We make mistakes but a lot of the time people still blame the machines.

Carry this over to general tech and gets even more widespread.  As an example I bought my parents a new tablet a couple of months ago to use for surfing the internet and general playing about on.  My mother hated it as in her words “it doesn’t do what I am asking it to do”. In reality she was pressing the wrong buttons.

I see this all the time.  People start using technology and they expect it to just work when in reality you have to make it work by interacting with it.  Windows 8 is a perfect example. If you spend the time learning the new interface and what it is capable of your experience will be a lot more satisfying than just pressing buttons and going “its s*** it doesn’t work”.

Another perfect example is with viruses.  People seem surprised when they get them as they have previously installed antivirus software.  What they are unaware of is that their antivirus subscription ran out and they got the viruses from a dodgy website.

Anyway back to the accident it did look like one car had indeed gone into the back of another one so maybe it was the human element at work or maybe not.

Over to you guys and girls what do you think is there such a thing a the human element?

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