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Why your tablet is just a toaster

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I love PC’s I really do.  They are generally well built and seam to last for ever and have one significant advantage over tablets in that they are upgradeable.  You buy a PC (or laptop to a lesser extent) knowing that if you require more RAM, bigger hard drive or your power supply suddenly goes pop you can swap the part out for a new one and off you go.

But, people are turning to tablets and smartphones for their daily tasks (home users especially) and these units are sealed.  Whatever spec of phone or tablet you buy is what you are stuck with forever with no chance of upgrading the parts.  This means that every two or three years when the user requires more processing power, bigger hard drive etc they get binned.  Tablets and smartphones have become an appliance just like the toaster in your kitchen.  You switch the toaster on every day and make toast. You do this for as long as the toaster works and when you decide you want a new one, or it breaks, it gets binned (have you ever tried getting parts for a toaster?).

The price of tablet parts is also pushing the tablet upgrade cycle.  When parts are available, and they aren’t always available for every model, the price is ridiculous.  For instance the screen on an average tablet costs approx 70% of the tablet price.  Add in labour on top and fixing a tablet suddenly becomes an expensive business.  Users instead throw away their existing tablet and buy a new one.

For techs like me who generally fix both hardware and software issues this is becoming an issue. To stay in business we will have to adapt to be more software centric rather than the nuts and bolts stuff which is a pity as I tend to love getting my hands dirty pulling out the insides of a PC.

Over to you guys (and girls). What do you think is your tablet just a toaster?

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Hi I’m Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Windows and Linux based IT Support, laptop repairs and computer repairs to both business and personal clients in Stirling and Falkirk.

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One thought on “Why your tablet is just a toaster

  1. Yes, tablets are becoming single-function devices. In some cases they can be easier, simpler, or quicker to use than a desktop.

    The single-function factor increases with age. Instead of throwing them away, an old iPod touch, for instance, can become a little screen next to your desktop for Twitter or sports notifications.

    13,319 days

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