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I can now run my business from an Android tablet but the question is do I want too?

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I was happily working away on my MacBook last week invoicing some clients for recent work when it hit me – I have got to the point where I could now do all this on an Android tablet rather than a MacBook. Surprising thought when you think about it, but as surprising and intriguing as it was the next thought was why would I want too?

Let me explain. At the moment most of my daily tasks involve using Libreoffice and Chrome a lot, along with Thunderbird for my emails and Dropbox for storing files.  I also use Teamviewer to access my virtual machines which are stored on  a linux server. On the whole this setup suits me well.  I do like to use a “desktop” browser as I find I usually work faster than with a mobile one.

I currently use my 7 inch tablet for taking notes during client visits, internet, checking wireless signals etc and it performs these jobs well.  It wouldn’t take much thought to put my email accounts on it, add my social media accounts and start doing some “real” productivity work on it.  I could very easily use apps on the tablet which would cover all of my current needs and probably cover them very well.  For example there are apps like Docs to Go which provide most of the office functionality I need (good app by the way).

But there are also some slight niggles which, while not being a show stopper, would seriously limit my enjoyment.  The first is dual monitors.  I use a second monitor with my MacBook and I must admit it makes my life so much easier.  Dual monitor setups for Android are to the best of my knowledge “limited” to say the least.  If anyone would like to write and app that allows me to expand my android tablet to a second monitor I would buy it!!

The next is printing. I use HP ePrint on my phone which integrates very well with the inbuilt email client allowing me to print off my emails.  It doesn’t integrate at all with Docs to Go and other productivity suites meaning I would have to save documents to Dropbox first and then print from there. No big hassle but when you get used to just printing from anywhere on your system it takes a while to get used to a different way of working.

So yes while I can do all my business work from a tablet I won’t be switching fully across because my current setup does everything I need.  What I am more likely to try is to do certain bits from the tablet to see how we go and if successful maybe take on a bit more over time.

Do you work from an android tablet? Let me know!!

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Hi I’m Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Windows, Mac and Linux based IT Support to small businesses in Stirling, Alloa and Falkirk.

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5 thoughts on “I can now run my business from an Android tablet but the question is do I want too?

  1. The Surface Pro is the way forward in business tablet computing, at least in my opinion. Being able to use native Windows apps that are familiar without the hassle of resorting to Android ones. I use an Android phone and tablet too but wouldn’t consider them for using in business.

    The most useful feature of a Surface Pro? OneNote and being able to write on the screen… no matter how much I do it it still amazes me how useful it is.

    Only downside to the Surface Pro over Android tablets is the battery life.

  2. HI James,

    The Surface 3 could be a serious bit of kit but personally if I was spending that amount of money I would go for a MacBook Air as there is something about using a Mac that just appeals. I agree that at the moment it is possible to use a tablet to carry out most tasks but sometimes it can be a pain. In the future though who knows?

  3. Hi Chris,

    I wonder if the new Surface 3 would be a useful tool!

    I had the decision to make a few months back for a “mobile” system for work. Having looked at the available tablets and laptops I eventually settled on a lightweight, long battery life, touch screen Win 8 16″ laptop.
    Why? Because most of my work is software development – I have two 23″ monitors for desk based development so even a single 16″ screen is a considerable strain to work with.

    No doubt, tablets will appear with dual port monitor outputs plus good solid keyboard plus trackball mouse with the power to run Visual Studio 13 …. but then it’s almost a desktop!

    Yes, I did enjoy using an Android tablet to start with but then using Remote Desktop on a 10″ screen to view a 23″ monitor lost it’s appeal and caused severe eye strain.
    I detest the on-screen non-tactile keyboards – takes up too much screen room – yes, I know there are separate keyboards but this all adds to the hardware “payload” you carry with you.

    I can see that tablets will become a universal tool and they are extremely useful (we use them for instrument control) in many situations.

  4. Ian I love new technology as you know and to be honest over time I will probably make the switch fully to Android. At the moment though I think it is best to take baby steps and make sure I am happy with the android apps before making “the leap”.

  5. I use my tablet all the time. As you say it does not do everything i need completely, but for being mobile and maintaining a company presence as if you were at your desk, then there is no stopping me.
    I can access cloud based material from it as well as secure stored material on my own network. I have even picked up major projects whilst sitting in a Costa having coffee. We dont have to be desk bound anymore.

    I love dabling into how technology can change how we operate and as much as at this stage it can’t do everything I or you want, think of where we used to be and how much it has changed. then think of where it is going and how we soon will be able to do everything. Ah the future always and exciting place if you keep you mind open and try new technology.

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