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Is Windows 8 in danger of becoming the next Vista?

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First off I personally think that Windows 8 is far superior to Windows Vista.  It is more secure and much faster and on a touchscreen it is a pleasure to use. It seams though that quite a few people just do not like it as shown by the market share figures for June 2014. So what is the problem?

The main problem with Windows 8 is its split personality.  It is designed for touchscreens but at its launch there weren’t many about and on a traditional laptop or  PC it can be clunky.  Then there is the Start screen (which I actually like) which a lot of users just hate and users having to retrain to actually use the new interface didn’t go down well either.

Put Windows 8 on a touchscreen tablet (where it really belongs) and it does start to make sense.  I have a client with a Surface 2 (yes the Windows RT one) which is lovely to use.  The swipe gestures and moving around the OS with your finger is a joy.  Yes it does have its issues with lack of apps but that is another blog!!

Microsofts biggest problem is that business customers were never going to switch to Windows 8 in huge droves due to the retraining costs and have instead switched to the tried and tested Windows 7.  This leaves the home market where tablets have overtaken laptops and PC’s thereby squeezing out Windows. Windows 8 should have been developed purely for PC’s and laptops (businesses would have preferred this and uptake would have been higher) and develop a separate OS for tablets (and do not call it Windows).  Windows RT can (and possibly should) be used for this purpose but it would need a complete rebrand as people still expect to run Windows programs on it.

At this point people generally bring up the Surface line of hybrids stating that Microsoft got it right and Surface is the proof.  The Surface Pro 3 is a cracking piece of kit and if I had the money I would seriously consider buying one but that is the problem – they cost too much.  Pricing something in MacBook Air territory generally doesn’t work as Windows is seen as “for everyone” whilst Apple products are seen as “premium”.  Maybe I will be proven wrong (it won’t be the first time) but somehow I doubt it.

Windows 9 is due to be released early next year and when it does I can honestly see Windows 8’s market share start to go the same way as Windows Vista, which would be a shame as it does have some good qualities but it just can’t make its mind up what it wants to be.

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One thought on “Is Windows 8 in danger of becoming the next Vista?

  1. It’s the casual arrogance that really galls.
    Paraphrased (bar one comment) conversation with MS Territory Manager.
    Me: “No we won’t be upgrading from XP to Win8, we’ll go to Win7, and stay there for at least 3 years”
    MS Senior: “But Win8 is the best, much better than Xp on Windows 7, people love it.”
    Me: “I don’t have enough GP control over how Win8 works, and it’s marginal in Win7 too – enforcing Policy is way more conplex and time consuming, and each new user on a machine gets asked profile questions I want control of – where’s the sense in that? I don’t want to retrain everyone, and Win7 on the desktop they won’t notice. Besides Win8 without Touchscreens is ****”
    MS Senior: “Well then, you should buy touchscreens for all your staff, and roll out Surface instead of laptops” <– *direct* quote
    Me: "I don't have £1,000 spare let alone £450,000 plus install time for screens. We've evaluated Surface, and I won't be rolling that out either because it doesn't work with our standard encryption software. Besides writing off kit with years of life left would be professional suicide".
    MS Senior: "Your clients are using Win8 at home, they expect you to keep up, they really want Win8 – you should be meeting their needs"
    Me: "The business is my client, not the users, and I am meeting their need for prudent financial management. You should be meeting my needs."
    Rapid end to account meeting.

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