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Android fragmentation is alive and kicking

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I decided last week to finally purchase an android 10 inch tablet for work.  I use android extensively so I thought why not use it on a bigger screen. After looking through Amazon (for way too long) I finally decided on the Fusion 5 10 inch tablet running KitKat 4.4 which duely came the following day.

After initial misgivings (thought the screen was terrible but turned out to be the scren protector instead) I started to load my apps.  I currently have a HTC Desire 500 and a generic 7 inch tablet both running Jelly Bean and have never had any problems running any apps, and for this reason I didnt think for a second this time would be any different.  How wrong I was.

Two of my most important apps refuse to run on my new tablet because “your device is not compatible with this version” errors. These are business critical apps for me (invoicing and monitoring client systems) so I contacted support for one of them and asked what the problem was.  Was it KitKat or some other issue I could sort? The reply – “your device is not allowing certain permissions to run our app” and they offered no advice on how to fix it.  Basically sorry you are stuffed!!

So I turned to the internet instead and this is where I got a shock.  I already knew about Android fragmentation but I always thought that it was to due with which version of Android you are running.  What I learned was that not all apps will run on all devices.  For example you can already have a tablet or smartphone running KitKat 4.4 and then purchase another make of tablet running the same software but there is no guarantees that your apps will run!! This is bloody stupid.

Imagaine buying a Windows laptop from Dell and another from Samsung running Windows 7 only to find the piece of software your business relies on will only work on one of them. Microsoft would get absolutely hammered and rightly so but in the Android world this is tolerated.  I now understand why so many people choose iOS for business because guess what, you buy a tablet or phone and your apps will just work.

Google needs to get a tighter grip on Android if it wants to compete in the business space with Apple.

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