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Is Blackberry still relevant?

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Is Blackberry still relevant?

I have been asked these words too many times to remember and I can still see why people ask.  As of the end of 2014 Blackberry had a market share of 0.5% and this from a company who just a couple of years ago was THE brand to have.  Times have changed and today people would rather have the new iPhone or Android phone instead of spending their hard earned on a Blackberry.  So if we just look at market share then I would say they are not relevant.

What happens though if we look at the bigger picture and not just smartphone market share?

I had the pleasure last week of having a go on a new Blackberry Passport and I will be honest I liked it. The screen is good, the keyboard is good and I can see who it is aimed at – business users. Business users will tend to edit spreadsheets and word documents, write emails etc rather than browse Facebook or watch videos. Business users are where Blackberry sees their future (going back to your roots as such) and with the Passport and the new Classic they have two phones with the traditional keyboard which business users like because they can type quicker.  If I wasn’t already immersed in the Android ecosystem I would definitely consider the Passport.

Lets not forget security as this is what Blackberry is all about.  Blackberry servers are renowned for being secure and with Blackberry Enterprise 12 they have a product which works cross platform so if a company uses iPhones instead of Blackberries that is not an issue.  In the enterprise this is a real bonus. Lets not forget Blackberry Messenger too.

So yes their market share is dismal but if Blackberry target the right users (ie business) with their new and existing products and forget about taking on Android and Apple they may well surprise a lot of people in the next couple of years.

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One thought on “Is Blackberry still relevant?

  1. Hi Chris

    I must admit that Blackberry had it all with business and some business people still yearn back to the days of Blackberry. But when the smart phone revolution and, it was a revolution happened, they sat back and watched as their market share became less and less. Then they tried to react and it has been too little and too late. Smart phones now do the push out of emails that Blakberry were famous for and also do so much more. I can see where you are coming from, but even the shape of the Blackberry seems massive and clumsy. Someone did wave one in front of my face recently and I initially had no idea what it was. I thought he was going to club me to death with it. :-)

    Business now has moved on considerably and business people are using their phones to do more than just edit documents. I use my phone for evrything from SAT NAV to Internet to Emails to Social Interaction. Even Vidoe calls.
    With regard to their systems, yes they were great and worked well, until a few years ago they all went down and left Blackberry users out in the cold for a few days.

    I also thought they were, selling themselves off in bits?

    I will watch with interest but unless they do something reallty smart, they may well go the way of Nokia and loose all their market share. When I was working for a compnay unless you had a Nokia you didn’t really have a mobile. They were the brand everybody had.

    Sorry to ramble just find this a very interesting topic.



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