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Are we starting to come full circle?

There was a time when people purchased a local copy of software they needed and installed it on their system (usually a Windows PC).  Then came the cloud and people started to access what they needed online and hence stopped buying software to install on their system.  Now we have apps which, you have guessed it, people purchase and install on their systems and in some ways have taken us back to the “old’ days.

When the cloud came along it was hailed as a breakthrough in IT (and it really is). You no longer needed a specific operating system to access your data.  With the cloud you can access your emails, productivity software using either Google Apps or Office 365, invoicing, remote software etc. The possibilities are endless because all you need is a browser (that is why Chromebooks work so well).

Into the fray came tablets and smartphones devices, which were meant to access the cloud services on the go, and with the tablets and smartphones came apps.  Apps are essentially programs you install on a local device like we did back in the “old” days. Apps have made it so much easier to access cloud based solutions that people are slowly turning away from using a browser.

At launch Windows RT was hammered because the Windows Store didn’t contain lots of apps. What people failed to realise was that they could still access what they wanted through a browser and that is the whole point of the cloud. You don’t need a specific operating system or piece of software to access a web based service but apps are slowly changing that.  I know of people who are so entrenched in the Apple ecosystem that they couldn’t move to Android because they would lose their apps even though most apps are now cross platform.

Apps are starting to take us back to a time when your choice of operating system was significant meaning we are starting to go full circle.

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Hi I’m Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Cisco, Windows, OS X and Linux based IT Support to small businesses throughout Scotland.

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6 Blackberry Apps for Kids

Ever since I got my Blackberry Playbook my daughter wanted a go.  She is very interested in touching the screen and generally playing about on it.  Bearing in mind that she is only 19 months old I had a look at what Blackberry offer in terms of apps for kids.  This is what I have found so far.

1. Kids Doodle

This is one of her favourite apps.  Everytime you touch the screen you make a line with different colours.

2. Animal Sounds

You move the screen around and press on the animals to get their sound.  Simple but really good!!

3. Drums Lite

Ever wanted to play the drums but not have the space.  You can now with Drums Lite.  You get a full drum kit so just go ahead and hit it.  My daughter really loves this!!!  You can get the paid version but it is really not worth it in my opinion when the lite does everything I need.

4. Piano

Another one of her favourites.  You get a full piano which you can hit and make as much noise as you want (see a pattern yet?).  What else does a 19 month old need?

5. Xylophone

Exactly the same as the Piano but this time with a Xylophone instead.  Again though a really good app.

6. Scratchpad

This app is not actually designed for kids.  It is designed for the business productivity market however it allows kids to draw images (or whatever they fancy).  It is basically Kids Doodle without the fancy colours.

This list is not exhaustive by any means but I hope it gives you some insight into what is available on the Blackberry platform for kids.

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Hi I am Chris the owner of ComTech. I provide IT Support, Laptop repairs and Computer repairs to both personal and business clients in and around Stirling. For a list of what I can offer you why not visit my website where you will find my blog, testimonials, services and much more.  Start supporting a local business today so I can start supporting you.

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