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Is Ubuntu bashing now an acceptable standard for Linux?

One of Linux’s finest virtues is freedom.  Freedom to do what you want with a piece of code so long as you make your new code available to anyone who uses it.  Sounds fair doesn’t it? So why is it then that when Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, try to do something different they get hammered for it?

I was reading a blog post last week (sorry I have lost the link) about Ubuntu’s choice to include Mir probably in 14.04 LTS. The author really didn’t like this at all and throughout the blog was making references to Mark Shuttleworths ego, how Ubuntu wasn’t listening to its users and how Linux was a democracy and that the people hadn’t voted for this.  Now since when is Linux a democracy? Linus Torvalds has the final say on what goes into the Linux kernel.  There isn’t a vote to see what everyone wants and to be honest I am thankful for that as you can have too many chiefs making the decisions at the top.

Canonical is a business and businesses have to make money inorder for them to survive.  This is why I can understand the Amazon connection when you search for something in Dash.  I may not like it but I can understand it.  Their push into the tablet territory is also understandable as this is where the market is going if people want to believe it or not.  There is one BIG BUT in all of this and that is I can choose not to use Ubuntu if I don’t like the direction Canonical are taking it.  There are literally hundreds of distributions to choose from so if you don’t like the direction one is heading then you just choose another.  It is that simple.  There is no need to constantly bash Canonical (and by default Ubuntu) because you don’t like what it is doing.

Personally I choose Debian for my servers and Mint for my desktops.  I have tried Ubuntu a couple of times and personally find it less stable than Debian and less attractive than Mint. But guess what I didn’t cry foul from the rooftops just because I didnt like it.  I just chose something else and that is what a lot of people are needing to do.

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