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IT and humans – not a good combination

We like to think that humans are top of the tree.  Our brains make us superior to animals (sometimes I do wonder) and allow us to accomplish some truely amazing things.  This ability can also be a liability – especially when it comes to IT.

Let me explain what I am rambling on about. We live in the digital age where technology is advancing so fast that a lot of us struggle to keep up with recent developments (myself included).  Most of us have mobile phones more powerful than the computers on the Apollo Missions or tablets which look like something out of Star Trek but not all of us know how to work them.  Into this arena come the people who have some knowledge about technology but not as much as they think.

I met such a person recently.  They were having issues with a laptop running Windows 7 which they used for their home business.  It had been getting progressively slower with frequent crashes over the last month and they had been told by a friend that this was possibly due to a virus.  So after reading up about viruses they went about installing three antivirus programs to find it (they were running nothing to start with).  After much swearing and still no virus they decided to reinstall from scratch without thinking about backups. They thought that if they did a factory reset it would only effect Windows and not their data.  Needless to say they had a shock when Windows started and all their data had been lost.

It turned out that the client had a faulty hard drive and not a virus but because they hadn’t thought through the consequences of their actions all their data was lost.  Guess who got the blame when I couldn’t retrieve it!!

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Hi I’m Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Cisco, Windows, OS X and Linux based IT Support to small businesses throughout Scotland.

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