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The rise of the mobile office

Yesterday was a scorcher with temperatures reaching 25 degrees in Stirling and hardly a cloud in the sky at times.  Not a day to be stuck in the office then (or a non air conditioned server room as happened the previous day).

I am never in the office at the best of times and there was no way I was getting stuck indoors yesterday so off I went to Kings Park with my MacBook and trusty wireless broadband to get some work done.  It is wonderful that in this day and age we don’t have to sit behind a desk to actually get work done.  The rise of cloud based solutions means you can now access your data from anywhere.  For example all my files are on Dropbox (and so are many of my clients) which means I can access them from anywhere and on any device which is very handy when I am out and about.

If you so choose you can now work from a tablet, a smartphone or even your trusty laptop underneath a blue sky and in the fresh air. With apps like HP ePrint you can now print to virtually anywhere too – this is very handy!!

Two things to keep in mind though when you work like this.  First is the internet.  If you have no mobile signal you have no internet (unless you go satellite based).  I moved 5 metres yesterday to get some shelter underneath a tree and my signal died!! I tend to use either my EE mobile broadband or my HTC Desire 500 which is on O2 but sometimes I get no signal from either which means a) no mobile working or b) find a coffee shop with wireless.

The second is the form factor you work on.  In the office you might have two monitors and a PC which gives you loads of space to organise your open applications. If you decide to work off a tablet (or smartphone) bear in mind you will have a smaller screen and only one app open at a time.  This is usually not an issue with things like email and web browsing but when you start getting truely productive (spreadsheets , word processing etc) this may or may not become an issue.  Try in the office before you head out into the “wilds” to see how it works for you.

Now while the sun is still out I am off to get some work done and maybe even get myself an icecream!!

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Hi I’m Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Windows, Mac and Linux based IT Support to small businesses in Stirling, Alloa and Falkirk.

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Should Microsoft be worried about the Chromebook?

I wrote an article a while back stating why I thought Googles Chromebook might just work and it seams that the general public is beginning to agree with me.  As of the end of 2013 Googles Chromebook has achieved 10% market share which is remarkable considering it had 0.2% the previous year. So who has actually bought them?

In the consumer market (ie home users) the tablet and smartphones are king at the moment and I would suggest that these users are not the ones warming to the Chromebooks.  If that is the case then it must be businesses who are buying them.  If businesses are indeed buying them then I suggest Microsoft should be worried.  The reason? A lot of applications are now becoming web based and businesses (and individuals) are re-evaluating if they need a full blown Windows laptop in the workplace.  The workplace has been Microsofts heartland for decades but if Chromebook’s are indeed making inroads then that will hit Microsofts bottom line.

A lot of businesses still use “traditional” software like Microsoft Office and will decide to stick with Windows laptops and PC’s but with Office 365 and Google Apps now becoming more widely adopted even they might start to wonder if they really require a full blown desktop OS.  Don’t rule out the power of cloud storage too.

Even Microsoft’s OEM partners are throwing their weight behind the Chromebook with new models coming from both Lenovo and HP in recent months.  If manufacturers didn’t think there was any money in making them they wouldnt so this in itself should be stirring Microsofts executives.

Microsoft and Windows are not going anywhere soon but I think the early signs of serious competition to their desktop dominance are there.

About the Author


Hi I’m Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Windows and Linux based IT Support, laptop repairs and computer repairs to both business and personal clients in Stirling and Falkirk.

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Is the PC dead?

I spent way to long on the weekend browsing the internet and came across an article that HP in the last quarter lost $8.8 billion!!!!  This was apparently based on declining PC sales and this got me thinking – is the PC dead?

So what is the answer then? I don’t think the PC is dead just yet but I would say it is on its last legs and I shall explain why.

1. Tablets

Tablet sales are increasing year on year.  People are increasingly using tablets for a variety of reasons and one of the biggest is you can take them anywhere.  They provide an easy to use interface and you are able to expand their use by downloading apps.  Contrast this with the cumbersome PC which is installed in one place and can not be taken anywhere.  The PC uses more electricity too.

2. Laptops

Laptops can now provide the user with anything the PC can.  A laptop now comes with more memory than an average user will ever need and like the tablet can be taken anywhere.  You can also run your favourite programs on them which means you are still able to be productive.  Where the laptop wins over the tablet is that you can actually do proper work on them!!

3. Mobile Computing

Users and businesses are getting more mobile – fact.  Users can now work from anywhere that has an internet connection and are no longer limited to the office – the domain of the PC.  With more and more company employees working remotely there will be less incentive to go out and purchase new PC’s.

Where the PC still stands proud is gaming, however with laptops and tablets getting more powerful with every release surely it is just a matter of time before the PC goes the same way of the dinosaur.

Goodbye old friend we will miss you.

What do you think?

About the Author


Hi I’m Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Windows, Mac and Linux based IT Support to small businesses in Stirling, Alloa and Falkirk.

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