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Emails keep on getting stuck in Outlook 2007 outbox


Came across this last week while working on a clients laptop with Microsoft Outlook 2007 installed.  The problem they had was now and again they would send an email but it would get as far as the outbox and then get stuck.  Sometimes they could delete it and other times they couldn’t and all other emails would stack up behind it.  After doing some research this seems to be a bug in the software but there are some ways to mitigate this.

Below are some suggestions on how to deal with this issue if it happens to you (I haven’t tried these on Outlook 2010 only Outlook 2007 but I am guessing they should work very similar)

1. Set server interval to 6 mins 50 secs.

By default the server timeout interval is set to 1 min but this can be insufficient if your antivirus program is scanning all outbound emails.  Setting this to 6 min 50 sec allows enough time to scan thus not timing out and sticking your email in the outbox.

2. Put outlook in Work Offline mode.

Click on File – Work Offline and then restart the program.  Once Outlook restarts you should be able to delete the stuck email.  Don’t forget to switch Outlook back to Online mode when you are finished.

3. Forward the stuck email.

Highlight the stuck email and forward it to the original sender.  Once it has gone use one of the other suggestions here to delete it.

4. Export all your contacts to excel and then import them back in again.

I noticed that an email would get stuck if I used the auto complete function for addresses in the contact list.  If I typed the full address then there would be no issue.  I exported all the contacts to Excel (CSV file) and then imported them back in (overwriting the existing ones) and this did seam to solve the issue for the most part.

If anyone knows of any I have missed please let me know!!

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