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The rise of the Private Cloud

Cloud usage is on the rise.  More and more companies and individuals are seeing the benefits of using it to store and access data, but for every business that is embracing the cloud there is an equal amount who are concerned with issues such as data location and security.  They want all the benefits of cloud computing but none of the drawbacks.  This is where the Private Cloud comes in.

The Private Cloud is a recent ‘buzzword’ flying around the IT industry and depending on who you ask depends on the definition you will get.  My take on it (for right or wrong) is “using your own hardware and software to deliver a service to your employees where they call access all the resources they need”. In english you store all your data on your servers and allow your employees to access them from anywhere.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

As with everything there are pros and cons and the private cloud is no exception.  The pros are:

1. You control your data and its location

2. You decide what security structure to put in place to safe guard your data

3. You decide how employees are going to access the data and what exactly they need to access.


1. You maintain your own hardware and software to keep your cloud going.  Your IT staff must be upto speed with the ins and outs of your network and the technology it is built on.  The whole private cloud concept is a new one and experienced individuals are hard to come by (this will change over time).

2. You need to honestly ask yourself could your business provide as much security as say Amazon Web Services with regards to accessing your data.  If you can’t then it is better to either get some external consultants in to help or maybe even go down the public cloud avenue and use companies like AWS or Windows Azure.

3. Cost.  Setting up a private cloud is going to be a costly business (initially) and if not implemented correctly could serious hurt your business productivity.  Costs need to be controlled and decisions like which software to base your cloud on need to be answered right from the start.  Getting your choice of software wrong and then switching or even getting your hardware strategy completely wrong could cost you a lot of money.

I am not professing to being an expert on the private cloud but from my viewpoint if you are a small business I wouldn’t bother as the hassle factor would be enormous.  For your larger businesses however this is a very good option but as always it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Anyone tried setting up a Private Cloud yet?

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