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Is mobile banking safe?

Is mobile banking secure? I get asked this question more times than I can remember and the answer is always the same.  It can be!!

Let me explain. My personal banking is through Barclays and I must say, for me, their online banking is superb and their mobile app (Android) is even better.  I can very easily transfer money between my accounts and even pay my bills without leaving the comfort of my living room. I can also contact Barclays through the app which basically by-passes security as it is assumed I am making the call, which I must admit is a bit scary. There is a woft of “convenience” about the whole mobile banking thing which I like, however I am fully aware of the dangers.  I have a passcode on my phone and another (different) code to access my banking app.  There are also various other passcodes to apps such as Dropbox and finally I have the ability to wipe my phone using BitDefender.  If my phone gets lost or stolen I am not really that worried about data theft.  A lot of people however are not so security conscious.

The biggest concern for me is where I use my mobile banking.  Public wifi is a non starter as you don’t know who else is on the same network and, for me, 3 or 4G is also out for the same reason.  I tend to use wifi networks I trust so that is home, friends and maybe some clients.  If you can’t trust the network you are using don’t bother using mobile banking.

So is it safe? I would say mobile banking is along the lines of crossing the road.  If you take sensible precautions (like looking both ways) and don’t use it everywhere (crossing a motorway anyone?) then you will be safe.  Yes it is convenient but treat it with respect.

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Hi I’m Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Cisco, Windows, OS X and Linux based IT Support to small businesses throughout Scotland.

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Staying safe online

We all use the internet but how many of us really know how to stay safe online? Today we shall outline 10 of the most important ‘must do’s’ when using the internet.

1. Antivirus.  You must have antivirus installed and it must be upto date when using the internet.  If not you will be leaving yourself open to a heap of problems.  I would recommend BitDefender for both home and business clients.

2. Firewall.  Again this is a must.  Most modern operating systems come with a firewall installed but you must make sure it is turned on.

3. Passwords.  These should be complex and not stored on your computer.  Do not use password123.

4. Email.  Be wary of opening any email from people you don’t know, especially if they contain attachments.  This is a common way of infecting systems with a virus.  Banks will never contact you by email.

5. Credit cards.  If you use credit cards online make sure the website address starts with https.  If it doesn’t then anyone can intercept your card details and use then online.

6. Do not store bank details on your computer.  If someone gains access to your system then you will just have handed them access to all your money.

7. Dodgy websites.  Be careful which websites you access.  If it looks a bit dodgy then leave the site.

8. Downloads.  If possible do not download torrents.  Torrent sites are usually where most of the viruses are located.  Also be careful when downloading free trials to ‘fix your computer problems’.  These types of software will always find something wrong with your system even if it is working flawlessly.

9. Emailing passwords and usernames.  This is not a good idea but if you have to send passwords and usernames use separate emails.

10. Updates.  Make sure that your operating system is fully updated.  That way known vulnerabilities will be taken care of.

I hope that these tips will be of value.  Just remember them and you should be safe while using the internet.

About the Author


Hi I’m Chris Wakefield the owner of ComTech IT Support. I provide Windows, Mac and Linux based IT Support to small businesses in Stirling, Alloa and Falkirk.

Follow @Comtech247 on Twitter




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