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The Cloud

What is the cloud?

The cloud is basically offering computing as a service with all data stored on remote servers which can be accessed over the internet. Take google mail as an example. You access your email through a web broswer or email client with all data stored online on googles servers.


  • Pay as you go. You pay a monthly subscription to access the software online instead of buying individual licences.
  • Accessibility of software. As long as you have an internet connection you can access the applications that you require.
  • Installation, troubleshooting and upgrades are all provided by the service provider meaning you no longer require dedicated onsite IT support.
  • Overall cost of hardware. You don’t require the latest quad core with 10 Gb of ram to access applications online. You don’t need on site servers either.
  • Easy implementation of applications. The structure is already there online and so can be rolled out to companies quickly.


  • Security concerns. Service providers claim that they can implement tighter security protocols than individual companies could. Some data (eg MOD) can not be kept on servers in certain counties either.
  • Control of your data. If you delete a file online how do you know if the service provider has actually deleted the file.
  • Costs could actually spiral out of control if usage turns out to be far greater than anticipated.
  • The whole setup doesn’t work if you can’t connect to the internet.
  • Security updates could change security settings, change privileges etc
  • Legal issues (ie who actually owns the data?)
  • Communication with peripherals and connected devices. Would your end devices (eg printers) work with cloud applications?

Who provides this service?

More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to get into providing services for the cloud. For a full breakdown go to


There are many benefits making entry to the cloud look quite attractive, however, at least for some the negative issues will far out-weigh this. Companies who are used to hosting their own applications may find it very hard to give that up. In the long term the cloud is likely to complement rather than replace existing traditional systems despite claims to the contrary. We’re not about to experience a cloud revolution with everyone putting all their data in one big basket.

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